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-Sawmilling Tips-

Milling at your location

How the logs are prepared at your location will greatly reduce the time necessary to produce lumber.  

  1. Cut the logs to the desired length before the mill arrives.
  2. Place the logs in location of the mill so there can be continuous loading of the mill by rolling the logs up to the mill without moving the mill.  Placing two skids under the logs will ease rolling.
  3. Logs should be placed on center lengthwise. (Example: an 8' log and a 16' log need to be placed so the center of each log is in line with each other.)  
  4. Place the small end of the log toward the operator. The mill will be on the left of the log pile when looking from the small ends of the logs.
  5. Provide one or two people to assist in loading and unloading of the logs and lumber.
  6. Stack lumber at the mill location or onto a trailer to allow continuous cutting.
  7. Large logs will require special attention. Please consult us before cutting to length.  Logs over 36" in diameter will need to be halved or quartered.
  8. The mill must be placed on a fairly level and firm surface.


Milling at our location

If you are limited on space or don't want the disruption and debris of on-site milling, have it done at our location.  

Your logs will need to be hauled to our location.

  1. You haul them here yourself.  We have equipment to remove a few logs from a flat bed trailer.
  2. Hire a self-loading log truck.
  3. We may be able to haul them here.  Please consult us.

Your lumber will need to be hauled to your location:

  1. You haul it home yourself.  We have equipment to assist in loading, or drop your trailer in advance.
  2. We can haul it for you.  We may need assistance at your location to unload.