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With almost 15 years of experience and a fast saw mill, we can produce quality lumber accurately and efficiently with little waste.  

We will cut your logs to virtually whatever dimension you need. We are able to produce the boards not readily available for sale at local stores.  You choose the size of board, post, or beam you want.

Use your lumber for fencing, decking, siding, beams, posts, framing, furniture, or what ever you can think of.

Since our mill is completely portable we can offer sawmill services at your location or ours.  Most jobs off site are charged by the hour.  Logs brought to our location can be cut by a board foot price.

The mill is fast, efficient, and accurate.  We can handle logs up to 36” in diameter or 20’ in length. Larger logs with special attention.

Our sawmill utilizes narrow band saw kerf technology to provide more usable lumber than traditional circular saws.  Our sawmill also produces a board with a smooth finish right off the mill to be used for your building projects.

Our mill is a WoodMizer© Super Hydraulic LT40 with computerized set works and all options.  It is powered by a 42 hp Kubota Turbo Diesel. 

The production of the mill varies by log diameter and length, lumber size produced, manpower, efficiency of log and lumber handling, and species of wood.  Average production is 300-500 board feet per hour.  

Click here for tips on preparing your logs and location for better efficiency.

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Please check out our links page for useful information on calculating tree, log, and lumber volume, and air drying lumber.

How To Schedule

To schedule milling job or free consultation, please call or e-mail us