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-About Us-


The Kronke Family Farm & Ranch


Oregon TimberWerks is located on the Kronke Family Farm & Ranch in Oregonís beautiful Willamette Valley, southwest of Eugene, Oregon.  The Kronke Family Farm & Ranch is active with many endeavors:


We produce lumber with our  portable sawmill for sale and use in our products and offer custom cutting services for others.


We raise grass fed & hormone-free cattle, resulting in exceptionally lean beef, offered for sale by special arrangement.


We grow hazelnuts that are harvested each fall and sold locally at the Eugene Farmers Market.  Hazelnuts are available in the shell, cracked, or dry roasted.


Elke's Country Gifts produces pickled garlic, asparagus, beans, mushrooms, raspberry vinegars and many unique products.  Look for them at specialty stores throughout the country.


Our products are created or raised with the help of three generations who keep this family farm going.  Operating a small family farm is not easy but it does provide a nice lifestyle and gives us the opportunity to provide products and services that we are very proud of.  


It would be our pleasure to serve you!

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