Sample Of Instructions

Assembly of walls

Lower wall sections

Start with the left side wall (when looking from the front)

Position the wall section so the outside edge of the bottom 2x4 lines up with the outside edge of the floor trim board.  The front of the section should be flush with the front floor panel.

Attach the wall section to the floor with four 3 screws.  One screw at each corner, and two in the middle.


Raise the rear wall section into position.  Do not attach to the floor at this time.  Attach the rear section to the left section with three 3 screws.

Attach the right wall section to the rear wall section not to the floor yet.

Attach the left portion of the front wall to the left wall section.  Attach the right portion of the front wall section to the right wall section.  Screwing the front and side wall panels together will require the screws to be driven at an angle.


Manipulate the wall sections to fit at the edges of the floor.  The lower 2x4 of the front wall section should line up with the joint between the front and middle sections of the floor.